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GRINDR SOCIAL FOR PC . The online version  for Singles Gays around the world  has been launched today.



If you want the invitation leave a comment .



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  • Emmanuel Alejandro Gonzalez Ma

    “has been” launched, or “to be launched”…

    English is not my first language, but I can’t see any logic on that sentence.

  • Alexander Cranford

    Yea it would be good for me. I only use cheap phones that are supposed to be able to take grindr

  • Mark Petrochuk

    I think that was/will be great!

  • hans v oostende
  • Alex Nielsen

    cant wait to start grinding

  • jilan

    so when they launch the grindr for pc? i mean when the web can be use

  • manjam101

    Do I need to create a new Grindr profile for the PC version even though I already have a Grindr profile for Android smart phone? Thank you.

  • Mdsr

    Have been looking for this for long. But what’s the procedure to start using it?

  • LiquidSpace

    Good to see this. Good to be here. Seems a bit primitive thus far but look forward the PC version launch. Thanks Grindr!

  • Orian Jermaine Griffith

    WOW! I didn’t know anything about this! I literally stumbled across this, and I’m so glad I did. About time! Now I can use Grindr in a productive man, instead of time consuming one!! Thanks!! 🙂

  • Timothy L Martin