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Profiles are a super important part of online dating inside tinder Plus +. Since you are not face to face with other singles your profile has to draw them in. Those that say they haven’t had much success with online dating likely have a dull profile. Rather than blending in with other members, stand out and be unique by sprucing up your profile.

In order to spruce up your profile start with your HowHot picture(s). We are all physical creatures who are drawn to those that we find attractive and this does not change with online dating. For this reason your pictures have to be impressive. Of course being overly sexy is never the way to go but the biggest tip that any online dater can benefit from is adding subtle hints of sexy in your photo. For women, choose pictures with your hair down, maybe a red lip and a form fitting (not tight) assemble that shows your figure a bit. As for men, show off your eyes, nice smile and wear clothing that compliments your body type. A little sexy goes a long way online.

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Now, it is time to describe yourself. Rather than saying that are an “adventurous person who enjoys swimming, hiking and traveling”  sit down for a moment and think about what makes you unique. Once you have something put that in your profile and let your personality come through. Write the same way as you speak. Whether you tend to be enthusiastic, funny or intelligent, go with that approach. All are very attractive qualities.

Lastly, take a look at your username in  HowHot. Is it boring? If so, change it. You want your username to be something that highlights a standout aspect of your personality but you also want to come across as an adult. Usernames should be lighthearted, creative and fun.

Overall, sprucing up your profile is very easy and will greatly improve your love life. Dating online   in  is amazing but you have to know how to use it to your advantage. The goal is to spark interest and draw others in. Doing so is simple and doesn’t require a lot of time.

Let’s talk about marketing, genderization and gender.

What’s marketing? Why do we need it for? Marketing is a discipline which object is to analyze the behavior of markets and consumers. Marketing analyzes the commercial management of companies with the objective of capturing customers and retaining them, making them loyal… while satisfying their “needs”. Needs they already had, or wishes that are created by marketing strategies.  

Genderization is a concept in marketing. It is very important for marketers to determine the gender of the potential clients. After they’ve done this, they focus all the publicity of the product to that gender… Luckily for our society (and unluckily for traditional marketers) these strategies are beginning to fail. Women no longer belong to the kitchen, and they are even starting to also reject the idea of multitaskers who “can do both: perfect housewives, mothers and professionals”. Nah. Women want their lives back, and they don’t want to be told what to do. If they’re CEOs they don’t necessarily have to be wives or mothers to be complete. OR if they are not CEOs. They just want to be free from social mandates. This is why if we are still focusing on showing how a product is perfect for girls and only girls, we aren’t going to succeed with many of them.
Don’t get me wrong, they’re still lots of traditional people, but certain strategies are starting to get old and will soon finally stop working massively.  

Gender division is radical when it comes to toy stores: hallways are divided in pink for girls and blue for children. In general, children’s department is full of solid colors and implies energy, audacity, competition; while girls section is full of soft colors and implies the idea of beauty, vanity and submission. Therefore, we are not surprised when a boy rejects a toy with “female” characteristics claiming that it is “girls.”

Sexist toys reproduce the stereotype of a patriarchal society in which a woman cleans and cares for while men construct, invents, and creates.
The message for the girls is: “How to be pretty”, the message for the boys is: “How to be smart and brave”.
This happens a lot with articles online. As soon as you start reading an article you can realize if it is for men or women, they’re written in different ways. But… should this be like this? And, are really only women reading “articles for women”? We don’t think so. Men also want to know a lot of things that are supposed to be “for women”, but sometimes they’re ashamed to admit they are interested in those “topics for girls”. This is of course because society has made them feel they would be inferior if they were girls. “You run like a girl”, people would tell you to mean you run slow or clumsily. But girls run fast and girls are strong.

As a society we are starting to question the roles men and women play. But not only that but also… what does it mean to be a woman? What does it mean to be a man? Are there people who don’t really identify with one of these genders? In fact, they’re. Why? The answer seems to be much simpler than we think… because we have acknowledged the fact that gender is something rigid. We are now starting to separate the idea of gender and biological sex. But we still consider the idea of gender as something natural. Gender is not natural, it’s social, and it has been created by human. Gender is a concept, an idea. And so are gender roles, which are dangerous and unfair. Let’s be the generation which will get rid of them.

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