Tinder London Online dating is now 20 years old. The babies first created by it are now adults.


Soon those babies will even be old enough to buy themselves a beer. Here we’re going to talk about how online dating has changed over the years. Without a doubt it has changed over the years.

The very first online dating sites were actually classified ads sites. Much like Craigslist. You could sell your car and pick up a boyfriend or girlfriend. Most of the times it was free to place an ad. There may have been a charge for additional bells and whistles if you wanted them. Such as adding extra pictures or having your classified ad featured. During this time Excite! classified ads were really popular.

In the beginning of online dating there were sites like Match.com popping up. Sites such as Match are still around. These sites coexisted with classified ad sites. Consumers like the ease of use that dating sites offered. It wasn’t cluttered with advertisements that they didn’t want to see. No longer did a visitor have to deal with advertisements for people selling their second hand items. Also, dating sites began to use algorithms to help customers select potential matches. This is when online dating began to make a change.

Before online dating was like window shopping. You looked at pictures and read profiles. There was no scientific way for you to chose the right person. It was just a matter of liking what you read and saw. Then sites like Match began to understand the power of computing. It could help you chose the right person based on answers that you gave to questions. They could match you up with others that had similar interests.

It was more than Match making the shift to more scientific measures to help people find love. Other companies began to fall in line. One company in particular was OkCupid. They offered users something that most free sites didn’t. They took the algorithm to a whole new level. All while being free. Technology like this hadn’t ever existed in the online world of free dating. Even some paid services at the time didn’t offer such technology. It should noted that even today there are sites that don’t offer the dating technology like OkCupid has developed. They’ve consistently been ahead of their time. All while remaining free. They do offer some paid services. But, finding love has been, and always will be, free at OkCupid.

What does the future hold for online dating?

That question is up in the air. No one really knows. It’s probably going to be involving smartphones. Maybe something like Tinder. There could be a few existing sites that try to develop something similar to Tinder. An app that can be used with their existing site. The one thing we know is that online dating isn’t going anywhere. It’s here to stay. We also know that the future is going to be real exciting. Finding love will forever be just a click away. The days of having to sit in smoke filled bars to find love are a thing of the past.

Been looking for love online? Then you’re probably quite familiar with Tinder Plus. It’s the mobile app that’s been known for playing matchmaker since it was launched in late 2012. And come March of this year, it’s going to start rolling out the premium service called Tinder Plus to users in the US.

Like to Your Heart’s Content

Without the premium service of Tinder Plus, app users have a daily limit for how many “likes” they can give. Once enrolled into the premium plan, you will be rewarded with an unlimited number of “likes”. Then you will literally be able to spend all day looking for your next  romantic interest using the mobile dating app.

Have a Change of Heart

When browsing through dozens of profiles in a short amount of time, it’s easy to find yourself on autopilot and not truly thinking through your decision prior to swiping on Tinder. Therefore, it’s easy to accidentally swipe a rejection when you’re actually attracted to the person from the profile. With just the basic Tinder service, there’s no way for you to turn back the accidental swipe. However, with the premium version of Tinder, you’ll be able to easily go back and change your swipe. Thus, you won’t miss out on an opportunity to connect with a potential match who could end up being the love of your life.

Find Love Away From Home

With the basic Tinder, you can only access the profiles of those who live near you. Hence, it’s impossible for you to try to use Tinder to find a date while going anywhere outside of your residential area. But with Tinder Plus, you can feel free to connect with others while vacationing or away on a business trip.

Variable Pricing

The new features of Tinder Plus are all great enhancements. However, there is one aspect of the premium plan that has been frowned upon by many users. That is the price of the premium plan is not the same for everyone. Even users from the same area will find themselves paying different prices for the same premium plan. The reason for this is because Tinder is still trying to test the market for the perfect price. So you’ll have to decide just how much you’re willing to pay for Tinder Plus.