So you  Are a New Grindr User and decided to give online dating a try and actually met someone that you clicked with.


Now you have a date planned and are experiencing some first date jitters. Nerves are normal but online dating  like Grindr or tinder  does not differ much from traditional dates. You meet up, talk, enjoy each other’s company and determine if there is chemistry. Although true, there are a few helpful tips that will get you through your first online date and make sure that it goes smoothly.

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One of the most important considerations is safety. When meeting someone from an online dating site  like Grindr always take your own ride to and from the date. Since you do not know your date well enough the last thing you want to do is ride in a car with a person that is essentially a stranger. It is not the safest move. Also, if the date does not go well you can make a clean escape.


In addition to taking your own car to and from the date, if the usual dinner and a movie date is planned switch things up and go to the movie then dinner. First dates can be a bit awkward and it can be difficult to get the conversation going at times. Seeing the movie prior to sitting down to dinner provides a topic of conversation to help avoid those dreaded silences.


Another way to ensure that you get through your first online date on Grindr is to wear a comfortable outfit. Not only should you feel attractive but you have to be comfortable. Nothing can put a damper on a date more than painful shoes, a tie that is too tight or any other fashion dilemma. You need to focus on your date rather than having to adjust your clothes every few minutes.


Lastly, stay positive on your Grinder first online date as well as any future dates. Even if you do not feel that instant chemistry give it a chance.  You connected with this person and have a few things in common so have a good time on the date. A positive attitude goes a long way and may even result in a relationship. 

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Tinder Plus  online dating for Travelers. You’re a busy person. Traveling has put a damper on your dating life.  It doesn’t have to.  Just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean you can’t find love.  Hopefully after reading this you’ll well on your way to finding love.  No matter if you’re traveling or not. Welcome to Tinder Plus!

Most online dating sites  like tinder  Plus are broken down into cities.  You can search for a date within a certain radius of where you’re at.  This is a common feature and you’ll see that most sites have it.  Just because you’re profile is in one city doesn’t mean you can’t talk to people in another.  Learn how to use the search features of whatever site you’re a member of.  You’ll get the most out of it that way.


There are still some old school sites like Craigslist that have pages for specific cities.  You’ll easily be able to search those cities for dates.  Just find the proper city and section of the site.  You’re always a few clicks away from finding love this way.  The problem is, there is no screening for a site like this.  Which means you could find some people who are playing pranks.  But, generally, people are trustworthy.  There have been a lot of relationships built up over the years using sites like Craigslist.  You can both respond to and place an ad there.  Being free the price is always right.


Tinder Plus Chatrooms are still a good place to find dates.  Many sites will have local chatrooms.  You can find one for the city you’re currently in.  Don’t be surprised if there are people not from the specific city in the chatroom.  Anyone can go to a chatroom.  Make sure that you ask right away if the person you’re talking to is actually in that city.  You don’t want to waste your time talking to someone in another country.


This all leads us to apps like Tinder.This is how most people are hooking up these days.  It’s so easy to do.  You can do it all from your smartphone.  The best part is it’s free.  Though, there is a paid version coming along called Tinder Plus.  The good news is, you won’t be forced to buy it.  You’ll still be able to use the free version.  Everyone seems to be using Tinder these days.  You might as well give it a try.  You have nothing to lose but some time.


There’s the 800 pound gorilla in the room.  You know what that is.  We’re referring to Facebook.  It’s the king of all hook up sites.  It’s free and you can spend hours upon hours searching through it.  You probably already have.  A lot of people find love there.  You can also use it to see who are friends with your friends.  Just keep clicking until you see something you like.  It’s not a very scientific method.  Though, it can be a lot of fun.


The most important thing to do is have fun.  Enjoy the entire online dating process.  No matter what method you’re using.  Use another method if you’re not having fun.  Online dating shouldn’t be stressful.  Be yourself and always be truthful.  That’s the best way to build a strong foundation for a long term relationship.