Do you want to learn how to search for a person on grindr? There are two methods to carry out what you are looking for, although one or the other is more specific ...

Grindr is an application to find a homosexual, bisexual and transsexual partner or dating that allows you to search by city or person closest to you.

That is why we will show you some methods for you to find the person you are looking for.

how to find a person on Grindr
What you must do is super simple, since when entering the application it shows us all the people nearby, which may be there the person we are looking for, it is an extensive list where it will show you from the closest and connected to the furthest and disconnected.

When a person is online, they appear with a green circle at one end of their photo.


There is another way which is by filtering the person you are looking for, you must press next to Close, a basic filter will open, which you can choose between age, in search of, tribes, only face photo. In addition to having an advanced filter option that meets the following options: Online now, Photos only, I have not chatted today, weight, height, physical complexions, role, ethnicity, sentimental situation, accept photos not appropriate for work, encounter on.

This is the only way that exists to search for people in grinder, also when you find someone, you will stay in the chat and if you can always be in contact with the person.

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